The music Yarun Dee plays is inspired by tribal shamanic sounds from around the world and has a large spectrum of other influences from classical music to psychedelic trance and almost everything in between. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding with groovy melodies and strong & earthy beats. Rhythms that make your Body want to dance, your Mind to become silent and your Spirit to expand.

Yarun has the ability to deeply tune in to the the energy on the dance floor to feel what is needed for the dancers in the present moment within the dance. He creates dance journey’s with a deep flow but also some unexpected twists & turns at times. Dancers often experience a deep ecstatic quality by the full spectrum of feelings that are being touched, that while coming to the surface and being released give the space to experience a freedom resulting in a feeling of being fully present.

In the past 4 years Yarun Dee developed into a dj with a unique style within the Ecstatic Dance Community. Being a resident dj in Amsterdam, he is playing on most Ecstatic Dances and several Conscious Festivals throughout NL, Europe and Russia. He also organises a monthly cacao dance party called Ixcacao.

“Ecstatic Dance is for me a celebration of life, of human existence in it’s full expression. From darkness to light, from sadness, fear and anger to happiness, playfulness and lightness to feelings of pure ecstasy.

Dancing is one of the best ways I know to become free of thought and expand or transcend the mind. To go beyond the ‘regular’ perception of myself, the inner- and outer Universe. Dancing can invite freedom, all mist disappears and a direct experience of reality remains.”
If you like to listen to my mixes, you can check out my mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/YarunDee/