Amsterdam born ACTrice and ARTist Unna Zoë Astar, introduces Conscious Theatre Live Art
She lives a simple life style in Ibiza. The silence and power of the nature of Ibiza formed the cradle for new creativity where she combines the language of theater art with intuition and the possibilities of the phenomenal worlds to join.

In Corfu she will be showing an interactive monologue inspired by The Fifth Agreement, a practical guide to self-mastery by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz
‘ In my artistic projects, I work for the soul to speak out. It is vital to stay human, real complete humans, with feelings and compassion when society is changing, going deeper and deeper into the material and density.
I, as artist go into the counter direction. Provocation. To provoke, to go deeper and deeper inside, to search with a lot of sensitivity, opening new territories coming out of the hearts. To touch the place of deep knowing and remembering.’