Satya traveled around the world and has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan …In her passionate and lighthearted way she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.
She has years of experience of working with several transformative processes and therapies, such as meditation, breath work, bio energetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire walking, soul expression and energy reading. Her main work lies on bringing together ancient rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques.

Satya has been working with Amazonic Sacred Shamanism since 2008 when she dives for the first time in a profound Diet in the heart of Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Since that time she has been working at the Peruvian Amazon Jungle every year, taking international groups for deep healing and transformation.

In Corfu, she will shares with us a powerful Shamanic Dance Journey!

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