Paal is the founder of The Wildman – The School of Embodied Masculine.
He holds Masculine Empowerment Workshops for men both online and tantra retreats for couples.

Paal is passionate about exploring deeper levels of consciousness to find deeper self love and having compassionate relationships to others. By consciously owning both the masculine/feminine and sexual shadows, he believes we can become a more powerful conscious human being. Deep brotherhood is the essence of his work and he is supporting men to connect deeper to themselves, their intimate partner and live a life of deep meaning.

Paal is a certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker.
He is holding workshops and giving tantra massages to women, men and couples. He is passionate of the healing aspect of tantra/sexuality. He is creating a safe, consensual space and at the same time keeping the sessions fresh and alive.
Paal is a certified coach (NLP/The Journey) and have taken advanced initiation courses into shamanism.