Gil ‘Gidori’ Gomes Leal is known as a dancer, dancemaker and dance coach/therapist with a signature way of working in which he makes use of his gifts as a Shaman of Movement.
With his spot-on intuition, he can see deep into other people and understands them through the skills, gifts and experiences he achieved and went to throughout his life.
Gil can be described as an honest, caring and intense teacher because of his ability to go to the core of the problems we bump into as movers, as dancers, as people.
He is the founder of Amenti Collective, a holistic dance society who focuses on becoming more aware of the Self and the world through art, dance and knowledge(of Self). In his teachings, Gil makes use of his own developed movemeant method in which he uses the 3 aspects of somatics, psychology and spirituality.
He has a wide range of experience in both teaching and professional performing and making. Besides being world champion Experimental Dance he made his first (sold out) dance theatre performance about Ayahuasca in November 2019.
As you can read Gil is very versatile and understands dance like nobody else because of his experience in a variety of ways that use dance and the body as a medium to connect with ourselves and each other.