How do I get to Corfu & Arillas?

Please click here to see our page about Corfu which provides full travel information

Is accommodation included? And where can I stay?

Accommodation is not included in your festival ticket.
Our festival takes place at the venue ‘Gayatri Mandir’ in the village of Arillas. There are plenty of accommodation options in the village of Arillas on walking distance from €30 and up per night or you can check out the nearby villages of Afionas, Agios Stefanos, Magoulades and Agios Georgios – all easy to reach per scooter. As it is the peak of the holiday season, we recommend you book your accommodation as early as possible!

You can check your options online or contact the local accommodation experts of Green Corfu ( they might be able to help you find a nice room near to the venue. You can also check out this website to take a look at the accommodations in Arillas, or check your options through or Airbnb. Check out our Facebook Group group as well, for possible room sharing or contact us if you need any help or support.

Airport Transfers

We do not organize airport transfers. There are local travel companies in Arillas who organize airport transfers.
They are all reliable and helpful:

If you want to share a taxi or transfer, you can check out our Facebook group for requests.

What about food during my stay?

Food is not included in your festival ticket. Participants will be informed about a possible meal option on the venue.
For lunch and dinner you can go to one of the many restaurant’s and taverna’s that are walking distance of our venue.
You can have delicious meals for €7 from salads to local dishes, fresh fish or vegan and vegetarian options.
There are some mini markets as well, where you can buy fresh fruits or other organic products.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can! We are looking for passionate lovers of dance who understand that it takes team work, to run things smoothly.
Please write us an email, where you share more about yourself and why you want to be part of our volunteer team. If it’s only to get in for a discounted ticket, don’t bother to write. However, if you are excited to be part of a team of like-minded people who, together will make this event a success, we love to hear from you!

Artist/Healer Submission

We are in the process of setting up our 2020 line up, with limited spaces available. If you feel you have something to offer that adds value to our event, we would love to hear more from you per email.

What should I bring?

*Please bring your own yoga mat as the venue does not provide them
*Water bottle (The venue provides fresh filtered water, but you must bring your own drinking container)
*Bathing suit, beach towel, sun lotion, sun glasses, sun hat

Arillas has 2 mini markets with some organic products, some clothing shops and 3 ATM’s.

What about pictures and video's?

We ask all participants to leave their phones/camera’s in their accommodation or in their bag on the venue (own risk). This is to create a safe space for all dancers, where the focus will be in the moment, while we are dancing with the sunset. We will have a few slots on the program where some pictures/video’s will be taken as we love to capture the beautiful time we will have, both for your memories as well as for us to share with the world. Your privacy is important to us!

Can I bring my children with me?

Ecstatic Dance Festival is not suitable for children. However, there are some families and parents bringing their children with a sitter. Arillas is definitely a family friendly town!

How is the weather in Corfu?

Corfu is the greenest island of Greece! This means rain can fall, however in July it’s Summer so in general it’s hot and sunny.

More questions? Feel free to ask!