Eliska Vaea is FREEDOM Catalyst, Women’s Mentor, Spiritual Guide, Photographer & Womanpreneur.
She has guided many powerful women all around the world. Her clients have been Hollywood stars or British Nobility amongst many others.
She focuses on empowerment of the feminine globally. Her excitement, curiosity, and thirst for freedom and intimacy with life has led her to over 60 countries leading women and exploring yogic and spiritual traditions of diverse cultures around the world. Eliska has 500+ hours Yoga education. She is a passionate 5Elements Dance Activation© & Cacao Ceremony certified facilitator and a visionary entrepreneur.

You have incredible gifts & magic inside of your body. I will lead you on a journey to your natural state of being, so that your SOUL speaks in the photos and magnetizes your reality to you. This is your RITUAL where we create a sacred space for you to SHINE. You will feel like we are having a dance & siSTAR playtime together and the bonus? You get epic photos that speak for you and your brand.

1 hour / unlimited change of clothes / pre session tune in
delivery 8 edited photos
Price 220 EUR

2 hours / unlimited change of clothes / pre session tune in
delivery 22 edited photos
Price 550 EUR

Grace: https://youtu.be/WuzDLpAtMf0
Lernik: https://youtu.be/m2xArl4DZ-Y

More photos INSTAGRAM @eliska.vaea

Limited spaces available during the ED festival, book your RITUAL now.

FREEDOM session for women
In this one hour session you will activate the connection of your YONI & HEART, so that you not only surrender to the flow of what is meant to come through you, but you will also remember why you are HERE on this planet in a powerful feminine body. Each session is unique. Eliska works intuitively on all levels energetic, emotional & physical.

what can happen
***profound clarity
***sense of energetic up-leveling & lightness
***womb clearing & healing
***warmth, sexual energy activation in the whole body by you as the SOURCE
***other magic

You know if this is for you, because you feel the tinkling in your BODY (more precisely belly, around your heart, yoni pulsing or right in the upper chest, in the seat of the soul telling you YES) I’m SOUL looking forward to support your shaktivation.

Testimonials: http://bit.ly/2GGkzQQ