Dona Tumacder-Esteban - Philipines


Dona’s purpose is simple: to be fully, fiercely, unapologetic ally alive. She awakens people through their bodies, helps them fall in love with themselves again, and guides people in conceiving and giving birth to an expanded version of themselves filled with spice, depth,and juiciness. She does these through Embodiment practices, Energy Management, and advocating an approach to Women’s Well being that honors the feminine energy cycle.

Dona is passionate about educating women on the monthly cycle and shifting society’s perspective and experience of the period so that healing happens in both the individual and the collective. Dona’s private sessions focus on menstrual well-being and imbalances, fertility, and mindfulness practices through cycle awareness.
Her approach is an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hormone harmony, and psycho-emotional health. She weaves in somatic movement, Yin and meridian practices, and life force nutrition specific to the different phases of the feminine energy cycle and our shifting hormones.