Massage Therapy / Holistic Counseling / Inner man-Inner Woman work

Massage Therapy is a full body oil treatment that combines Ayurvedic, Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue styles in order to release physical, emotional and mental tension and restore balance and harmony. In ancient Hawaiian tradition Lomi Lomi was used as an initiation and a ritual to open up the body for inner guidance and healing. The session provides a warm and loving environment where traumas can be released and a deep sense of relaxation and nourishment can be experienced.

Holistic Counselling helps you reconnect with your unique essence, values and true potential, so you can be more of who you truly are (beyond unconscious mechanisms and self-limiting beliefs) and live a life that is authentic, inspiring and meaningful to you.

Inner Man/Inner Woman Work supports you to discover and integrate your feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) sides. Once you know how to embrace and value both polarities in their own uniqueness, you will experience an immediate shift in your outer relationships too. The inner union gives birth to a new potential for respect, acceptance, and love.