Coco Water…
Just imagine floating in Water whilst being supported, cradled, massaged and held… nothing to do but surrender and let go….
What could that be like for you…..?
Well….My first experiences with Water Therapy were incredibly profound. I experienced deep states of meditation as well as waves of stuck and old emotion rushing out of my body and…. Bliss. Stunned and in awe I decided to study Water Shiatsu and these days I am deeply humbled by what I witness in the beautiful beings who surrender into the unknown, to the Water, by way of my arms. Each journey, so unique, as will be yours.
Remember.. Water Is where we began the 3d leg of our Life Journey.. We are it.

I recently supported Renay through her Water journey and here is what she expressed after our session….
Sometimes feeling safe is all we need and Coco radiates this, mix that with her love for what she is doing, the magic is unavoidable. Thank you for a beautiful session! Renay”

Deeply in love with this work, I am looking forward to guiding you through your version of this unique experience!
See you by the Sea