After academic studies in Sociology & Philosophy, i was driven to tai chi, Chi Gong and meditation with all of my heart. Traditional Oriental Medicine and Zen Shiatsu became my path and passion. Attended the European Shiatsu School and studied close to great teachers from Greece, UK & Japan.
Exploring the healing properties of essential oils while integrating their wisdom into the healing modalities and treatments. Studying the Medicine Wheel and being in ceremonial circles enabled me to offer harmonizing therapies as a prayer to the Earth. Sound Healing, using crystals and the Vibration of the meridians and chakras during Shiatsu Treatments are a great journey of exploration for me. Inspired by my love for Sound, mantras & Yoga i followed the Teacher Training of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan becoming a certified instructor.
A great journey in the mysticism of Sound & the connection with our body & magnetic field.
As the path continuous i am studying Sat Nam Rasayan, that means “deep relaxation in the True Identity” an ancient art of healing, that allows the healer to access and balance the five elements and the pranic body.

Zen Shiatsu : with the diagnosis of the energy flow at the meridians of the body we can offer a deep healing to balance and restore the relationship between the physical, emotional and spiritual self. Various of techniques are used together with the wisdom of the acupressure points.

Aromatherapy : in this healing modality the Acupressure points are worked together with the deep tissue massage, combining the healing properties of the essential oils. Reiki, Chakra balancing and Theta healing are part of my healing treatments enabling each session to be a unique energy flow.

Sat Nam Rasayan : through a deep relaxation process we are learning the nature of surrender in our True Identity. While becoming transcendent in the vastness of this consciousness healing can happen. Enhancing the awareness of the subtle body and expanding the capacity of the meditative mind.