Massage Therapy / Holistic Counseling / Inner man-Inner Woman work

As both a physiotherapist and craniosacral-therapist, Inge has always been fascinated by the complexity of the human body and its miraculous universe that it embodies.

Inge’s initial degree in Physiotherapy, gave her a profound understanding of the structural anatomical nature of the body and therefore provided her a solid foundation to start with. After gathering experience in a small physio clinic for a couple of years, she decided to travel East, and work as a volunteer in India at a physio trust for handicapped children. This valuable and unique experience opened up new horizons and her interest in holistic methods began.
Not only through her daily work with the human body as a therapist, but also through her own dedicated practice and continuous study in yoga, meditation and dance, she began to experience body, mind, and spirit as a oneness and discovered the manifestation of the human body`s biosphere and energy-body beyond its physical and tangible realms. This is how she found her way into craniosacral-therapy.

Today, craniosacral-therapy is not only one of her passions, but it has literally turned into a life-philosophy. What Inge likes most about this form of therapy is its holistic, mindful, and non-invasive approach.
She appreciates the fact that in contrast to conventional medicine, this method doesn’t solely concentrate on the dysfunctions to cure symptoms, but primarily focuses on what is vital and healthy in order to strengthen and empower the state of wellbeing (Salutogenesis). Due to the subtleness of the method, she sees herself not so much as a “doer” (at the most a “minimal doer”), but much more as a present supporting space holder in a therapeutic setting, providing a mindful, serene and healing space, beyond intentions, in which healing may happen…. or not 🙂

She strongly trusts in the innate intelligence of the body and its capacity to maintain itself healthy and healed, whenever the receiver is ready for it. This principle by itself, alleviates pressure from the practitioner, and more importantly empowers the receiver and every individual to take responsibility for their own individual well-being.

Inge finds it very important to build up an authentic and confidential connection with her clients and to create a constructive setting, where good collaboration is possible. The sessions are structured according to her clients` needs and encourages responsibility for their own process by inviting them to feel into their individual needs, their current capacity, and leaving it up to them how deep they would like to immerse within the session.
Through the subtleness of the technique, the sensibility of all senses gradually awaken, self-awareness rises, and the clients understanding for innate processes improves. This is a process of self-understanding, self-empowerment, self-help … a generally pleasant, deeply relaxing, and healing process towards wellbeing.

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