Brenda and Anderson are considered two of the best Samba de Gafieira dancers in the world and have been focused almost entirely on zouk for the last few years, after having exploded onto the zouk scene in their three way partnership with Xandy Liberato.
They focus on themes that encompass dance as a whole, such as connection, energy through touch, technique in body movement, and flow.

Since 2011, they have taught or performed together in more than 50 cities around the world, including in Brazouka and won 1st place in all of the 4 Samba de Gafiera competitions that they have participated in to date.
Anderson began his dance career at the age of 13, working through all rhythms and styles of Brazilian dance and was one of the first Brazilians to work as a couple in an international tour.
Brenda started at age 20 and was trained by master Jaime Aroxa. She developed more experience with couple dancing in forms such as tango, zouk, bolero and samba de gafieira, and she deepened her studies even further when she met Anderson in 2011.
Destiny, coincidence, luck, or all three, caused them to cross paths with Xandy Liberato, who was already studying the vast world of connection in partner dances with his extensive dance background.
Today, they divide their time between workshop preparation, concept development, choreography, and international tours in order to build a center of integration of mind, body, and spirit that has been the main focus their partnership.