The body continuously is giving birth to energy, vitality and awareness. By focusing on these inherently spiritual dimensions we become more aware of them. Plants are the bridge and the link between mind and matter and when we consume that ancient intelligence then it works on the inner of the body as well, supporting our journey. As we will be exploring some herbal insights, our soundtrack at the same time will be the music of the plants, the ecstatic frequencies of life translated into sound!

Athanasia: My very subtle sensitivity to feel the meaning of nature, both in the microcosm and in the macrocosmos, has traveled me and continues to travel me towards identifying man as a divine energy in the universe. Mother, Companion, Naturalist, Therapist of alternative and natural methods and energy medicine, Botanist, Philosopher, Visionary, Qi-gong practitioner, Diver, Climber, Beekeeper, Cultivator, Artist, Conservator of arts and antiquities and Traveler of the mysteries of the world and my own ancestral roots, are the expressions through which my consciousness has been cultivated on the path of Love. I live in Corfu and I live a dream big! More when we meet 🙂