Alex Anand Aman is the first international Ecstatic DJ from Russia.
His sannyas name Anand Aman means – Happiness out of Mind.
“Through meditation and celebration I started to live my life by learning to enjoy every move in the moment.
The most important and transformative experience was a dance without fear, that learned me to express myself to be real you want to be.
Through meditation and dance practice includes contact improvisation, 5 rhythms, biodanza and other I discovered the way to express my inner self.
In 2013 I was getting know the practice Ecstatic Dance. I started travelling a lot and enrich the dance experience in different places where you can practice Ecstatic Dance likes of Goa, Bali, Thailand this experience allowed me to expand my own vision of this practice.

I am the founder Ecstatic Dance Moscow and Resident Dj in Moscow.
For me Ecstatic Dance is a dancing celebration of life, where you can release yourself in the dance. I always liked to dance and I like to share emotional state through the music. Now I create a journey through the different music styles, that brings the dancing being in totally celebration and grow up the moment without any reflections, just only dance.
My own dance experience allows me to be connected with the people on the dance floor. Music grows up in the moment of here and now, where the separation between dance and dancing dissapears.
I feel connected with all around and at the same time I am connected with myself.
Lets meet in the dance”

My mixes –